How The Police Can Assist You In The Event of A Car Accident

Car accidents are extremely common and occur each and every day. During your lifetime, even the safest and most cautious drivers will most likely be involved in some type of car accident. Although car accidents are very common, many individuals are not really aware of what actions to take and how the police can assist you during this type of situation or injury. For the aftermath of a car accident you may want to learn more about a personal injury lawyer. Here are some of the major steps that must be taken after a car accident occurs and how the police are meant to help at the scene:

Never Leave The Scene Unless Authorized By The Police

Simply leaving the scene before the police have arrived will most likely lead to criminal punishment. This is especially true if the accident is severe and injury has occurred at the scene. First, you should exit your car and check on all drivers and passengers involved in the accident. In Canada you will need to do your due diligence and check in with local bylaws, a great resource to start can be found on Perform emergency medical care if needed and then be sure to call the police after damage has been assessed. Follow these rules and don’t break the law:

  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Always obey police officers
  • Always remain at the scene of the accident

Calling The Police

Police will respond to the scene of car accidents as long as the incident doesn’t occur on private property. Once lawyerthe police arrive they will take the necessary steps to assess the situation effectively. First, the police will make sure that everyone has the medical attention that they need before they begin assessing damage and dealing with traffic. Police will work quickly to protect the scene and obtain any evidence that is needed or remove any debris that is obstructing the roadway. Police will interview all parties, injured or not, involved in the car accident and will even consult witnesses that have stayed at the scene. Once the police have assessed the evidence with the statements a citation will most likely be assigned to the driver found to be at fault.

Exchange Information

After the police have issued a citation, you should also exchange insurance information with the other individuals involved in the car accident. The type of information that you should exchange will most likely include name, phone number, address and driver’s license number. This information becomes important when you are ready to file an insurance claim. It is also suggested that you never apologize at the scene or admit guilt, because this could increase your liability. Just follow these steps correctly and then deal with the fault of the accident at a later time.

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