Fire Safety, Suppression and H2S Alive

Working in the oil and petroleum industry in Canada requires very specific training. The H2S alive training is the industry standard and is required to work in any of the oil and petroleum industries anywhere in Canada or the US.

Fire safety and suppression is also required by anyone that wants to work in the industry where there are forests surrounding the work place. The courses will help you to get your certification and easily become employed in the oil and petroleum industry which is very lucrative. The course length for these courses are typically 8 hours (one day). They are comprehensive courses that offer all the information that you need to be safe and help others in the work place.

Hydrogen Sulfide Training

Typically the class length for this certification is 8 hours and is held in a one day course. This course will include information about detection of Hydrogen Sulfide and monitoring of it. The course will also include the basics of respiratory protective equipment and how to use it and rescue techniques to help someone in trouble. For more extensive information take a look at

This course will also include the certified seven step initial response protocol and review case studies. This comprehensive course includes a lot of information in the typical eight hour course day. Once you complete the course you will be certified.

h2s hydrogen sulfide

Fire Suppression and Safety

This course is also typically 8 hours and covers a lot of information in that eight hour period. It is a required certification course for anyone that will be fighting wild fires or that works in an industry that is located in a forested area. This certification makes you a commodity to any company that is located in a forested area.

During this course you will learn about the equipment used to fight fires and how to properly use that equipment. You will also lean about how fires tend to behave and how heavy equipment is used to suppress wildfires. Fire line safety is also covered in this course. Water delivery systems are explained and how to properly use those systems and the operator’s role is also covered. Information about how to avoid injury during a fire and how to react when a fire has broken out. You will learn the steps to take when a fire has been confirmed and how to quickly react.
This is an intense course that will certify you for one year in fire suppression.

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